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Phygital NFT Strategy

Phygital NFT Strategy
Fans cannot engage with campaign media
Fans can style themselves in merchandise and immerse in campaigns
Animated content for purpose and play

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Empowered fans create engaging content

Content is king
Content created is tagged to clothing
Yologram empowers stylist to create influencer content driven by the brand they digitally wear
3d influencer Campaigns
Analyze SKUs not just views

Empowered fans can create engaging content with the wearable clothing of their favorite brand/superhero

Pinterest lookbooks
Video campaigns of similar clothing
Creator Economy

The rise of the Virtual Influencer

Influencers can instantly change unlimited digital outfits without having to buy or wait for physical outfits to arrive and fit. This translates in a tremendous cost saving and saves the environment on shipping and wastes associated with samples sent out to influencers.

Our vision is empowering personal stylists to create influential content on social media and the metaverse.
This heralds a new genre of Virtual Influencers. With the advent of the metaverse, people will begin to express and identify with their digital personas and how they are style these personas (YOLOgrams) will increasing become relevant. YOLOgram offers consumers an opportunity to lead in the metaverse by unleashing the virtual influencer in them.

This new paradigm in viewing and styling in 3D is heralding the future of shopping. Yologram focuses on styling digital humans for ecommerce tryons enabling consumers to create animated content for the metaverse.

Social Commerce

Social commerce implies that influencers with large following having a small impact on a large population. Interestingly, personal influencers have a higher impact on a smaller following but the impact is a more meaningful one since the followers relate to the influencer and personally know the influencer and their context.

Unleash Virtual Influence in the Metaverse

Lead in the metaverse. As customers styler their digital selves and create content they convert into Virtual Influencers wearing your brand in social media and the metaverse.

YOLOgram styles digital humans.

Presenting YOLOgram or YOUR hologram. A unique 3d styling solution adopted by brands with a focus to excel in consumer experience and lead in techology.

  • Style Digital Humans for branded e-commerce Tryons
  • Mix and Match the clothing based on personal likes
  • View clothing on a digital human with a likeness to yourself.
  • Create meaningful content to be shared with friends before buying or saved online.

Beyond styling in 3D, brands can benefit by entering the world of digital sale of goods.


digital humans with branded apparel

Empowering the personal stylist in you.